Dear Bhagavatam! by Mukundanghri Das


When there is no other glimmer of light
And the clouds of illusion cover my power of sight
Your every word illuminates my path from within
And You give me the faith to let my journey begin
When the unceasing rain of this world starts
It drips through the holes in the ceiling of our hearts
Yet You embrace me in Your pages
Under the protection and shelter of the great sages
I have given You my trust
And You have gently cleared my heart from dust
The turn of each page gives me life like Krishna’s loving gaze And for that, my dear Bhagavatam, I give You my praise
May I surrender to each word
May each pastime reveal the spiritual world
May I spend my life being guided by You
Because I realize that no one can love like You do
As every lovingly devoted soul prays
We learn and hear about how Krishna plays
I beg my mind never strays
And that my simple faith in You always stays


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