Darrel Left by Bhaktimarga Swami



I guess Darrel has left to continue his long walk to Nova Scotia.  Apparently he did not make his presence known at the Festival of Colours, held at the same location at Marine Park, where on the previous day the Festival of India stood out in its glory.

What a day it was!  So many happy people.  So many people were chanting mantras.  A  big help in this regard was Malini Taneja, the dancer/singer extraordinaire who led most of the colour throws in the air.  She's young, pretty and talented.  Sharing the stage with her was a local MC professional.  I didn't catch his name.  He was good but wasn't able to share the mantras or dance moves that Malini could.  I've known Malini since she was a baby, and it is just wonderful that she has grown into this nice adult and devotee.  https://www.instagram.com/p/B0OQeMrA8Eo/?igshid=pg1qsl9z1ru3

Fortunately I was able to keep free of any colours latching onto my clothes.  This in fact, was my first colour festival here, and I know that each event like this becomes  a cause for good clean fun, but I am not sure that providence has it for me to attend another.  If asked, however, I'll come.

As in most social events, I take the time to wind down by walking back to my sleeping quarters.  Gaura and I made the day's last steps along Lake Superior where seagulls so much abound.  Not far off in the bay lies the great Sleeping Giant, a massive rock formation resembling a great chief in slumber.  It was a hint for us to pack-in the day.




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