Daily i do the next things to protect myself from diseases:

***wake up before Sun

***sleep after Sun set

***drink cow urine mixed with water early morning or when i feel feverish

***before taking bath i clean my mouth then take some oil (sun flower oil or tail) to gargle while taking bath. It warms throat  and removes all dirt, saves voice, makes it softer, very nice for gums.

***after bathing i apply oil or ghee to the body, then again wash it with simple water not with soap. This also removes all toxins under the skin. 

***after bath apply oil to my face, it helps to keep face moistened so prevents from wrinkles; Again oil removes dirt in this way helps in removing pimples and acne.

***2-3 a week apply coconut oil to my head; it helps to cool down the mind and also nice for hair.

***oh yes, 3-4 days a week i spend 1 and half hour for doing Hatha yoga. It helps me to control my senses, helps to sleep less...very good for health of the mind and body.

***eat on time - breakfast some fruits around 6-7 AM; lunch around 10-11 AM; Dinner around 3-4 PM. Usually if girls want to remain slim they should avoid heavy food after 4 - 5 PM.

***Daily drink pure cow milk with honey, turmeric and cinnamon

***While doing my job i sit with straight back, it is helpful to kick away the day sleep;

***I protect myself from Sun - use umbrella and sunscreen oil - sunflower oil or such cream - but pure veg.

***I eat food with hands, hearing nice music or lectures; 

***eat food when i am really hungry;

***wear natural cloth out of cotton - it is very important;

***drink water when i am thirsty;

***i do not eat salt, mostly; it helps me to keep voice smooth;

***observe the state of skin- if some problems on the skin it means some problems started inside. If pimples it means pitta dosa is increasing so over look to things which i eat...same thing is with Vata and kapha; Vata we will recognze if there is too much pain; Kapha if there is laziness...

***at least before sleep i apply ghee or oil to my feet and hands and face. It helps to warm the body and protects from other diseases. 

i do it all because if i get sick i fell off to the bed and waste time :( which i really do not like. 

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  • Volunteer

    if i do not look after my body it fells sick. When we become sick it is impossible to wake up early in the morning, chant properly....so becoming sick is an obstacle as said by Srila Bhktivinod Thakur in Shri Harinama Chintamani.

    We have different types of bodies and each of our bodies require different type of care. Some may require more sleep, some more physical activities, some more food, some no food....

    So it is better if we learn our body and take proper care of it. As like we take proper care of a Temple of God.

    We clean it, maintain it so that we do our service to Krishna nicely and Krishna reside there happily.

    Your servant, 

  • some devotees give lectures not to care for the body its material we must care for the soul this is spiritual

    if we care for the body we are attack by maya n we must come out of it. but here devotee giving tip to keep body well n beutifull. all upside down

    good at least this person is truthful

  • thank you really nice

  • Thank u mataji for sharing this
  • Volunteer

    thank you so much mataji. 

  • Volunteer

    Hatha yoga is same.

    It has many asanas.

    For example, i do Surya Namaskar, Tree asana, asana of a hero, Kapalabhatta, 

    Shavasana, child asana, cat asana, and many more.

    If true i have a video in which teacher is doing and showing actions so i do with him.

    So better if You visit some nice, ancient yoga classes or else buy CD and practice at home.

    But be sure that yoga asanas are not changed from original ones by western styles.

  • Volunteer

    hare krishna

    which hath yogas mataji? name pls.

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