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-          Aree Prabhu, why you do not act as a real gentleman? What harm you will get if you just sacrifice for a single day your own comforts for the sake of others? Weaker ones?...

Young man sitting in the side bed of our coach did not know English. But still could understand the word ‘gentleman’. I also wanted to speak in Hindi but it so happened that I know only few words like ‘aree baba’, ‘kripaya darvaza ban karu’…not more.

So we were coming back from Howrah to Mumbai; two days journey in the train; 11 of us – 8 girls and 3 senior Matajis;

It so happened that 9 of us had place in same coach but two of us had in different coach. It was not safe; especially for me who is a foreigner. Also it was boring to be far away from my friends J he he he

So we tried very hard requesting passengers – for our surprise only men around, to exchange our sits so that 2 of us also could come closer and go along with our friends.

One man agreed to go and check the place in the 6th coach and came back saying that he won’t exchange because it is very difficult for him to take his bag from this – 11th coach to that 6th coach. It made us sad. Night went on. We were unsuccessful. So we had to go and sleep in the sixth coach. But we had one more night to reach our destination.

In the morning around 10 two of us joined our friends and after honouring Prasadam which we had cooked in Mayapur goshala using cow dung as a fuel; which was so tasty; and yes the dish was called as Rotas – Rajastani round shape rotis; started to do Kirtan.

We had maha mridanga from Mayapur Kirtan Mela – 2014; we had huge karatals; we had mridanga player and Kirtan leader…so hours passed on.  

2 PM. We reached Nagpur; for our surprise some of Devotees who stay in that city brought freshly cooked rice, subji and chapatis to all Devotees who were coming back from Kirtan Mela. That part touched our hearts. How caring they were!

They made dhal thick along with some vegetables so that it was easy for us to honour it in the moving train and easy for them to carry in containers; rice was cooked with paneer and was garnished with other spices especially zeera which looked so tasty; chapatis were in same size, accurately covered so that they remain soft for a long time;

So much care! Real gentlemen!

Evening approached. One thought of going back to 6th coach made my mind little sad. I just wanted to be with my friends and was ready to change our two beds for a single one. So we approached boys in the upper side sit to exchange their one sit with our two places. They said ok in the beginning but afterwards changed their decisions.

Suddenly young man who was sitting on the side down bed told that they will go. “Please, take our place”

“Oh! My poor Hindi worked” I thought!

Yes, why not to be a real gentlemen?!

Here young girls are requesting to exchange some places so that they be in the company of other girls and be safer, so why not to help them?

Isn’t it a duty of men to give protection to children, aged people and ladies???

Did we forget our old traditions to such an extent?

After all, what happiness man deride by not being a GENTLEMAN?

Hey! Please, for a man to act as a gentleman is the source of happiness. So why not to go for it?

Seeing their genuine act other boys in the upper bed also told us to take their place and they themselves slept 2-2 in one bed. We were very happy and thanked them for their care and kindness.

All glories to gentlemen who really care for weaker ones!




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