Cool Dog, Cool Dude by Bhaktimarga Swami


Coco is a household super dog at the Mississauga home of Pusta Krishna and Tejasvi. He is a 2-year-old full of energy who recognizes strangers. Well, when I went to visit the family, he singled me out, but soon got used to me. Unique about this fellow is that he loves prasadam, food blessed by Krishna. He was happy to lick my fingers clear after I completed my meal of asparagus tofu subji, salad and puris.

Smarta brahmans are an orthodox-type of priests and if any of them would see the eager canine licking in action they might be disgusted with me to have an unclean animal do this to me. I really have little care for their petty prejudices. Coco was a good sport who was relishing the finger-lickin’ good food. I saw his kindness as a service.

One more cool thing that happened today was when I visited godbrother Kaladev at his vintage clothing shop on Queen St. in Toronto called “Flashback Vintage.” Our local fashion expert is Vallabha Hari, from India, and he and I selected the clothes we needed for our film production, “The Embassy” to be filmed this weekend and released at the MANtra retreat this November. Kaladev was totally generous. Whatever we selected adding up to hundreds of dollars he just placed all in a shopping bag and said, “This is yours.”

“Thanks Kaladev. You always had a big heart.”


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