Conversing With God by Bhaktimarga Swami


My knee surgeon, Dr. Backstein, saw me at the hospital where I was to take the final X-ray. He confirmed I’m doing good for 6 weeks after the knee replacement. I respect the man for having done a splendid job.

I’m proud to say I walked the entire way there and back – 6 kilometers, no sweat. No cane. In the afternoon, I met Bob back outside of the ashram quarters. Bob says he was raised Catholic but never took it too seriously. He claims Krishna has been speaking to him. I won’t deny.

“What did He tell you?” I asked.

“On two occasions, He spoke in a resonate deep voice,” said Bob. The most prominent message was, “I’m not happy with the animals you have in your stomach.” That was a scolding for sure, but Bob felt blessed to “get the sauce.” Moreover, he was really thrilled that he could talk and with me not being judgmental. He admitted he rarely could find someone he could talk to over spiritual matters. I mean, having conversations with God. It’s not everyday.

I encouraged him to connect with Prabhupada through his books, the Bhagavad-gita As It Is. “There God speaks directly to His devotee, Arjuna. You might also recite His sweet name.” Bob had read other versions of the Gita. “Here, I’ll give you this one,” so I handed him my personal copy to which he reciprocated with a 20-dollar bill.

“Call me anytime, Bob, about the book and what He is saying to you.”


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