By Khusboo Basan

Haribol Foods With Their Stall at the ILS 2023 With HH Niranjana Swami Maharaj and HG Gauranga Das

At the ISKCON Leadership Sanga this year, HARIBOL Foods was showcased at the plenary session focused on conscious giving back. HARIBOL Foods in perpetuity pledged 100% profits to Sri Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir (TOVP), “His Divine Grace AC Srila Prabhupada dream project”.

Yachneet Pushkarna, CEO of HARIBOL Foods said in 2023 – 24 we would be in most temples in The United States, the United Kingdome, and Europe and our goal is to be able to provide as much support to local temples in terms of financial as well as support preaching via Prasadam HARIBOL!

Sanjay Dangar, Assistant of HG Brajavilasa Das (TOVP Director, Mayapur Co-Director), Who is helping HARIBOL FOODS Brand Expansion Operation in Temples, said that the ISKCON temples in Juhu, Nasik, Surat, Delhi, Pune, and Calcutta have already started using HARIBOL Pure A2 Ghee for their Deities as they have showcased in full transparency implementation of AHIMSA. “Resolution passed by GBC Cow ministry 2019 for the usage of AHIMSA cow products for deities”.

The fundamentals and ethos of HARIBOL Foods is the “Bhakti Yoga in Business” vision of Shrinath Ji Prabhu, he was instrumental in helping dozens of temples across the globe including the most prominent ones JUHU, CHOWPATTY, US, EUROPE, LONDON and was blessed to serve His Devine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada in Bombay.

His son Keshav Prabhu (Chairman and MD APAR INDUSTRIES) has been mentoring from day zero. With the tagline in “KRSNA WE TRUST REST ARE DETAILS ” HARIBOL Foods has successfully implemented and detailed its supply chain and ahimsa process. Now they are implementing technology from Israel and India for a complete 365 days of monitoring of the well-being of cows for dairy and soil and water conditions for organic Agri procurement.

HG Brajhari Prabhu (President, ISKCON Juhu) commented that we were fully satisfied with HARIBOL processes, interventions, and above all their detailed oriental approach to quality hence we not only started deities seva with HARIBOL A2 Ghee but also kicked off MAHAPRASAD Initiative with them across MUMBAI.

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