Connecting by Bhaktimarga Swami


There is this guy named the "Gentle Bear Man" who operates a bear sanctuary in north-western  Ontario.  I went to visit him in 2012 when I walked in the area.  The wild bears in the region have come to know him, love him and trust him.  During that trip, he brought me into his Sanctuary with eleven bears all around us.  And because they love him, they trusted me to be in their midst.  I fed a female black bear a pastry from my hand.  I could feel her spirit.  She was not defensive, only a little shy.
My company of seven, our Roadshow, which is more or less disbanded for now, and who I led to this remote Sanctuary, were a little disappointed at not seeing some bears.  The Gentle Bear Man wasn't home.  One of his other friends, a deer, however, came around the corner, demonstrated his curiosity, moved toward me and licked my hand.  It was the closest I have ever been to a deer.  It seemed he only knew affection.  We were all taken by this animal’s forwardness, and his tender way.
During this entire trip, I was in anticipation of seeing and coming close to wildlife.  I guess you could say that desire was fulfilled.
More of nature came our way.  Just off Highway 71 is a Provincial Park, Rushing River, a place I was formerly acquainted with.  This vibrant and very living flow of water is another form of ‘wildlife’.  It was a stop worth making.

In Kenora, population 15,000, we had a kirtan at the city's Bandshell. It was sweet.  And so was the traffic west of Kenora.  We were held up for two hours with construction workers installing a culvert.  Anyway, I took the opportunity to walk while traffic was still. I met and made many friends this way.
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