Compromise on Vedic faith, means Disaster !!!

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*Bhakti* (Devotion) is the easiest path to attain God-realization Fixing the mind on your Ishta-devata and chanting His *Namam* ( names) constantly will lead to God .

Gandhiji is a good example Though, he did not receive any formal spiritual education from a Guru, young Gandhi  followed his family tradition and chose Bhagavan Sri Rama as *Ishta-deva* He  started reciting *Rama-namam* continuously  .  This practice gradually elevated him to the status of *Mahatma* ( great soul) The whole nation of BhArath, faithfully  marched with Gandhiji to freedom.

Unfortunately, atheistic Nehru manipulated events  to become Gandhiji''s successor .

After becoming Prime Minister of India, Nehru notoriously rubbished *Sanatana Vedic dharma* (Hinduism) as,  "Kitchen-religion" . Such a back-stabbing was natural from an addicted beef-eater like himGandhiji's "politically motivated balancing-acts" in his later years , were cleverly exploited by atheists like Nehru .

Vedic Shastras are 100% true . Nehru's horoscope had "Kala-sarpa-Dosham" ( inauspicious stationing  of stars at 180 degrees, at him time of birth) Such people are born Veda-haters . They will bring misfortune and disaster to all those associating with them .

Nehru did everything possible to destroy the Vedic religion . It's consequences were disastrous India suffered humiliating war-defeat at the hands of China . And the weak Pakistan seized 1/3 Kashmir . Above all,  Gandhism became an outdated philosophyIt is a pity that such a Veda-hater's photo is still adoring India's landmark institutions .

As Srila Prabhupada pointed out, Veda-haters ( Asuras) like Nehru , are the evil products of Kali-yuga.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna declares in Srimad Bhagavad Gita ( 16.23-24):

" A Person who discards the rules and regulations of Vedic scriptures and acts in an arbitrary way according to his own will, attains neither perfection nor happiness nor the supreme destination. Therefore, let the Vedic scriptures be your authority in determining what should be done and what should not be done. You should perform your duty following the scriptural injunction."

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