We must make a sincere attempt to engage our body, mind and soul in Devotional Service.It is not easy in the beginning, but with practice one begins to desire to perform regular devotional service.Constant motivation keeps coming to us in form of books,other devotees,songs and bhajans,visits to holy places and so on.The seed of devotional service has to sprout after being sown, so it needs water -the chanting of 16 rounds provides this water.Chant, and engage eternally in devotional service by chanting 16 rounds.Sometimes one is not able to complete 16 rounds, so make a resolve to chant more rounds the next day.The mind is habituated to telling lies,procrastination and deception.It has to be cleansed by chanting, there is no faster method than chanting Harinaam.

Harer Nama Harer Nama Harer Namaiva Kevalam! Kalau Na Asti eva Na Asti eva Na Asti eva Gatir Anyatha!

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