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Reflections on the relevancy of ISKCON in this world

If there was a predominant message that Srila Prabhupada left all his followers at the end of his life, it would arguably be, “You will show your love for me by how much you cooperate together.”

Our Founder-Acharya (teacher by example) issued this simple yet profound barometer of our love for him. Clearly, as has been the case with all spiritual institutions, ISKCON struggles with this clear dictum.  

We can all probably agree that ISKCON is arguably the most sectarian appearing non-sectarian spiritual movement in the world.

So, in the middle of Kali Yuga, with a far-reaching international movement full of countless cultural differences affecting the mindset of practitioners, is a high level of cooperation a reasonable expectation? Differences will always be there. That much is obvious. The intent of this column will be to increase respect, understanding, and affection for one another. 

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