Come Down My Trail by Bhaktimarga Swami


Dr. Sunil Sachdev decided he wanted to fly in, from his home in Vancouver, for a visit to help me during my rehab. He is a specialist with eyes. He had a vision and a heart to see how he could pitch in. So, this morning we phoned an Ayurvedic clinic which offers natural healing through a system of panca-karma. He also booked me in for shiatsu. I do have friends in this field but you have to know Sunil. He gets over excited with service; either that or most other people I know usually under achieve in this department.

Anyway, Sunil, nice job! You’re only here for five days. Enjoy your stay and learn or pick up on a few things for improving your bhakti, loving service.

In the evening Sunil and I went for a stroll. We started just after sundown and, for him, being a visitor, the neighborhood is all so new to him. We entered Ramsden Park and then residential Rosedale. It’s all so peaceful and quiet. We came to a finish at 10 PM and I concluded that we trekked 2 km — that’s my estimation but Sunil countered, “No, it’s more like 3.”

It was not worth arguing over. In truth we are happy to be walking and my companion just happened to be so kind hearted. I will admit as such that good people often come down my trail. Such is my karma. I am so fortunate.


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