Colour by Bhaktimarga Swami


I want to wish everyone a happy Gaura Purnima for tomorrow, and may the magic of that day wear on. It is the birthday of Sri Chaitanya, great philosopher, pragmatist and idealist; the Supreme in many ways. His coming to the world is found in texts such as The Bhagavatam. My whole day, in lock-down, is not really stressful at all. I have the chance to read, write and of course continue my encouragement calls, as well as dwell on Chaitanya.

After a good sleep, I woke to see my first cardinal of the year. According to native tradition, good luck comes to one who sees such a bird, which is said to have a connection with the sun. The female cardinal is not as brilliant in red as the male counterpart, nevertheless I find it auspicious. In the Vedic context there is a similar type of belief. If you see a beautiful bird of coloured plums, in flight or crossing your path, expect a great day.

Though I am off limits from the out-of-doors I was able to spot and watch my cardinal from outside my window. Perched on the hydro line, she looked gorgeous. Then a small sparrow came and shared the cable. Seems like they weren’t really getting on. Birds are so territorial. I learned that from observation on my walks. What I didn’t know is that birds have good colour vision, better than us humans. While they can be merged in a tree, through camouflage, they can see us easier than we can see them. It’s all so fascinating.

As far as colour goes, on the day of Chaitanya, we reflect on His kind mercy and perhaps His colour, which was golden, interestingly enough.


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