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You will all be happy to know that BBT Bombay has reprinted these classic volumes of children's KRSNA Book and they are a very nice quality. For some unknown reason, some overintelligent person there introduced a few additions of unconnected pretty pictures, which can be easily corrected next printing. But the book still stands on its own as very endearing for our children growing up in Krishna consciousness. Because of ill health, I was unable to do it myself, and I am grateful for Gopal Krishna Maharaj who pushed me to allow BBT Bombay to reprint for the benefit of everyone in the world who has been waiting for years for them to make a reappearance.

They are available for a very reasonable price in India in Bombay and Vrndavan, and should be available at international distribution centers like BBT in Radhadesh, Krishna Culture in US, and other major sources. They are only available in a complete set of 4 volumes in a very nice casing which is also shrink-wrapped. Individual volumes are not available.

If anyone wishes to get individual volumes of I or III left over from previous printings, they are available in Australia with Kaustubha prabhu, Krishna Culture in USA, and IV may be available with them and definitely in Vrndavana with me.

Thank you Vrnda Kishori prabhu and all you others who patiently waited for them to come out again. I hope this meets you well.

- By Parvati Devi Dasi

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Comment by Maral Alymova on April 10, 2013 at 12:03pm


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