Chapati Philosophy by Kadamba Kanana Swami


One day, I was in New York City and as I was walking, I saw a chapati machine. It was a first-class machine. The dough went into the top, made some balls and rollers, and made a nice round chapati. Then, it went into a hot plate, where an arm came and pushed the chapati into a hole with a slide and then the slide turned the chapati around and it fell on another hot disc below. And then the chapati was cooked on the other side. That’s the nature of chapati. They get cooked on both sides.

So, if we do not like the situation we are in, we might change the situation but we will get cooked on the other side. That is all. We are chapatis, we will get cooked nevertheless. That is the nature of the material world. You are a chapati. When we are really cooked, we become a little bit more serious about spiritual life. We become materially exhausted and then we say, I now want spiritual life. Until then, the chapati is cooked on this side and then cooked on the other side, cook it again and again. So I have been cooked, pretty well and this chapati philosophy came after many years. There is no perfect situation in the material world. We are not here to condemn material life. We simply say that this material life is something we have to do. But let us make spiritual life strong and not let material life interfere with spiritual life. Let spiritual life be the priority because that is eternal!


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