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Chant Unpretentiously, Honestly and Humbly

BhaktiVinod Thakur condemns five things in Sarnagati prayers: He says “Hell with my high birth! Hell with my so called education! Hell with the fame of my family which I am very often proud of!” Because people are generally proud of their high birth and fame of their family and high erudite learning. This way he condemns different aspects of his life. He says "What is the use of all these things because I am not engaged in the devotional service of the Lord”.Just like in the song which Narottam Das Thakur sang "Hari Hari Vifale janam goainu , O My dear Lord! I have wasted my life uselessly in so many varieties of material activities uselessly and I have not developed taste for the Divine couple Sri Sri Radha and Krsna”.So this kind of lamentation by Lord's pure devotee is also a sign of his great longing to meet the Lord which increases his remembrance of the Lord very fervently. But for the conditioned souls this kind of prayers are very apt and very fitting to be remembered, to be prayed and to be contemplated and reflected upon so that they can approach the Holy name with proper attitude. Because the Holy name will manifest by itself whenever the Lord wishes but the devotee can prepare the ground appropriately. Just like we can sow the seed, we can prepare the ground so that rains may come. When the rains come the crop will grow.This is one of the ways to prepare one's heart for approaching the Lord with appropriate nature of humility and most important aspect of this humility is that it should be unpretentious and we should be honest and we should be sincere and it should be coming from the heart breaking through the material gross and subtle coverings. It should come from the soul and it should be placed at Lotus feet of Krsna. Then the Holy name will very easily manifest in the heart of devotee.
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