Changing World by Bhaktimarga Swami

Vatsal is an outstanding brahmacari (monk) from Moscow, and he's spending a week with us in Toronto, which means the number of Russian-born bhakti-yogisfrequenting the temple ashram is increasing.  It's a delight to have him with us.  In general, I like the rigidity of our Russian followers.  They take their commitment more seriously than our regular North American contingent.  The Krishna Conscious following in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe is huge.

And so the world is changing.

I went to the dentist for a cleaning, and while sitting in the newly renovated waiting room, I wondered what happened to the magazine rack where I usually pick up a copy of the most recent issue of National Geographic for a quick perusal.

"You don't have a magazine rack anymore?" I asked the receptionist at her desk near to me.

"No, they've done away with it I'm afraid. Everyone just comes and looks at their phones," she responded with a tone of regret.

I mentioned to the dental assistant about this and she said, "Oh I love National Geographic.  They'll probably bring the rack back.  It's just been recently removed."

It was a relief to hear.  I guess I'm not that ready for a changing world. "Just imagine, not having glossy paper on your lap with astounding pictures to gawk at,” I mentioned to the woman, who happened to be of Russian stock.
Yes, the world is always in a flux.  Watch for the Russians, Asians, Islam and more. All are spirits.
May the Source be with you!

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