By Josh Hawley

This topic is more relevant at this point in time than any other in modern history. We stand at a crossroads of mankind. If the enlightened leadership of mankind can catch a clue from Bhagavatam, and take note of the cause of the “pinprick through out the social body at large, wherein large scale quarrels take place over even less important issues,” then there is hope.

The problems arising from gross mis-identification with matter is what is unfortunately being perpetuated by the current broad form -slaughter house of the mind psuedo education system- as the goal of life. According to Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, this mis-identification (what is known in the Vedic scientific language as jiva bhuta sanatan) of consciousness with matter is the root cause of all the problems of our existance. It is not the sympton, but the root cause. This negative identification or ahankara conception, which is essentially false mis-identification of our original jiva shakti consciousness with fallible matter as its source. Opposed to the positive conception of (jiva shakti) self consciousness as part and parcel of the infallible Absolute Consciousness or Param Brahma consciousness. This ahankara, self mis-identification, is the beginning of all of our subsequent problems of existence.This is confirmed by the Vedic Scientific Treatise Sri Brahma Samhita: ahankara atmakam vishvam, tasmad etad vyajata. It behooves the atheistic class to promote and disseminate nescience amongst the general masses in order to maintain the illusion of themselves being god. For without nescience as the popular world view, they cannot continue to perpetrate their criminal acts upon humanity and life in general.

The Krishna Consciousness movement of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the remedy to such nescience and is therefore not very popular amongst the psuedo scientists and politicians. Jiva bhuta sanatan, is the original identity of consciousness, and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s movement of Harinama Sankirtan awakens that original consciousness. It is a simple, straightforward, systematic method for awakening self evident truths concerning the nature of reality. The scientific process of Nama Sankirtan awakens the original jiva shakti (consciousness) from the plane of Absolute Reality due to its contact with the transcendent beauty of Nama Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Truth is beauty, and beauty equates to light. The Nama Sankirtan movement of Sri Chaitanyadeva is the ultimate embodiment of truth in this world. Because the Sankirtan science of Chaitanya Deva, (which is greatly expounded upon by the great modern Vedic scientist Srila Rupa Goswami) effectively begins its revolution from the very individual consciousness of each living entity. It (Nama Sankirtan) is certainly the most positive solution to the havoc brought about by the psuedo sciences and atheistic propaganda of the modern politicians. Because Namasankirtan is a peaceful revolution of consciousness it presents no threat to any other living being on the face of the earth, nay in the entire universe. This is possible because it is so scientifically organized in cooperation with the universal order of the cosmic reality that it appeases not only the microcosm, but the macrocosm as well. Thus there is no collateral damage as with any of the other modern political, scientific, social, religious, or environmental movements et al that only serve to benefit and placate a few limited interests, but which ultimately fail to address the complete organic and inorganic issues of existence for the living entity. This positive scientific movement is distinct from its Darwinian atheistic psuedo-scientific counter part, in that it does not begin on a speculative premise. Vedic science begins from the Absolute Plane and descends. Rather than making a vain attempt with the puny facility of the admittedly limited capacity of the very fallible and subjective human brain. The human brain is subject to the limitations of sense perception, and is dependent for its function on so many external requirements such as lysine, glysine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid heat and cold, sleep etc. The very nature of any scientific premise beginning from the plane of gross matter is by its very nature self defeating due to it automatically having its dependence on some other source for its existence ie water carbon etc. This is true for all organic and inorganic matter. It is all subject due to condition. The scientific basis of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Sankirtan movement is not subject to such fallibility due to its owing from the Absolute Plane of Reality, consciousness or the Conscious Source. Consciousness does not owe its existence to any of the combinations existing within any Ecosystem or Material Cycles known to modern science; water, carbon, oxygen etc. The Vedic Scientific process takes into account consciousness as a distinct energy from matter, and the process of Nama Sankirtan seeks to awaken the individual part and parcel consciousness (anti-matter) and reconnect it with the Absolute Whole Consciousness. Thus doing, it takes into account all subjective and particulate aspects of existence. By taking complete account for all aspects of existence both relative and absolute, it subsequently harmonizes them both and leads to peace. The Sankirtan Vedic scientific mission is therefore the real solution to global disharmony.

The modern opponents to Truth and Reality are unfortunately very well aware of these facts. Therefore they are actively opposing the efforts of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His followers, using very unsavory material tactics such as infiltration, institutionalization, political propagandizing, minimization, mis-information/dis-information, etc et al.
They should know, and their experience should tell them, that constant adjustment and readjustment is no solution. Ultimately all of their efforts to grasp hold of, and control nature are subject to doom. Instead of spending Trillions of dollars, and countless untold resources on psuedo subjective sciences that are failing humanity, they should give over the helm of world affairs to the followers of Chaitanyadeva. The real educated follower of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, following strictly in the line of Srila Rupa Goswami is a true scientist. They are thus competent to quickly bring about a complete solution to all the problems facing our human existence, ushering in an era of peace and prosperity for all, this is due to their having direct connection with the Absolute Source Consciousness, beautiful Nama Sri Krishna.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=7820

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