Chain of Fools by Bhaktimarga Swami

8633767896?profile=RESIZE_584xTuesday afternoon is my time for an in-depth look at the Bhagavad-Gita and currently my two other callers from the Stratford/London, Ontario district are looking at chapter four.

Chapter four opens with the topic of parampara, which translates as a school of thought. Sometimes it is referred to as a chain of thoughtful teachers; a disciplic succession. When broken this chain becomes reconnected by Krishna Himself. Apparently, at the time of Kali Yuga’s dawn, Krishna manifests to reset this chain. About five millennia ago Krishna was born for three main purposes. 1) to give support to devotional people 2) to subdue dark forces and 3) to establish this wisdom of dharma that runs along this chain we are talking about. 

Truth does become obscured in time by the sheer nature of the world, which becomes clouded in avidya, ignorance. We are definitely living in unenlightened times. Instead of operating on a chain of succession steeped in a disciplined love, what very much is the case today is linking with the “Chain of Fools” (Aretha Franklin).

The lyrics to that song of soul are very simple. They echo the voice of one being used. And “used” we are, because that is the nature of a whimsical, directionless, confused life.

I urge you all to be in the link, the parampara, a chain of an illustrious company of angels and saints.


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