Can't Satisfy by Bhaktimarga Swami


The walking encompassed two treks - one by the Rideau River and the second by the Rideau Canal, which run parallel through the university section of Ottawa.  The majority of the time was spent near the War Memorial, and a short stroll from Chateau Laurier, with participants from Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.  We had the shelter of shady trees, and our presentation was one of "dance, chant and be happy."
Happy we were as crowd pleasers.  Some of us went at it for a full six hours straight, with our voices, our instruments and our limbs.  One of the musicians, Gaura, mentioned, "Before the Beatles made it big, they would be in practice sessions for eight hours."  Well our impromptu bhakti band,with members merged together from several cities, will probably not become great like the Beatles, who were worked at it "in places like Germany for hour after hour.”  I do believe that practice is essential and that bhakti (feelings) are also essential.  Combine the practical and the spiritual, and it makes for a good presentation for the heart.
"Inclusive and blissful" were the words that Connor used to describe this outing. However there was one sourpuss in the crowd.  The look on his face showed his displeasure.  It was the face of a classic  "humbugger."  Scrooge-ish, if anything.
Oh well, what can be said?  Our guru, Prabhupada, said on one of those morning walks I attended that, "You can't satisfy all of the people all of the time."

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