can scientist believe in god??




If I want to see myself in a mirror the preexisting requirement is a sun, which can give light by which I can see myself in the mirror. Similarly if we want to know about ourselves we have to have some background knowledge about the source of all knowledge- the supreme intelligent being - God. That is why our first session is, ‘can a scientist believe in God? In modern times due to the way we are educated, often people feel that believe in god is sentimental, backward, unscientific and those people who are spiritual or religionist are considered to be out of tune with the reality of this world. However the scientific facts do not support this commonly accepted understanding that there is no God.


Slide : The big dogma which is there in  much of the scientific community. A dogma refers to a blind, irrational belief. A quote from a  typical materialistic scientist, he says “ science is meant to explain  what is happening in nature. And if a scientist says that this is happening in this way because of god then the scientist is failing in his job. Bringing god into the picture is unscientific. This is one piece of dogmatism which science can allow itself. Science means proof isn’t it that is the whole strength of the scientific process. But is there any proof that God does not exist? Is there any experiment conducted in any part of the world by a scientist a conclusion of which is that God does not exist. An honest scientist will only say this “God is beyond the scope of our strength”. Science can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God. In fact what has happened mostly is that science has been misused, misinterpreted and misrepresented to propagate the atheism. If you ask any of your friends does god exist what do you think they will say? What are the reasons they give saying that god does not exist? We cant see him, many reasons, we cant see god therefore he doesn’t exist. Once in a classroom there was a professor and he was talking to the student that according to our emphatic scientific method of modern science only those thing s actually actually exist which we can see with our eyes, taste with our tongue, touch with our skin, smell with our nose hear with our ears. Then he asked the students “ does any one of you believe in God? One boy raise his arms , ok you believe in god. He asked have you seen god , no sir have youheard god no sir have you smelled god no sir, have you tasted god no sir, have you touched god no sir, then according to s scientific empirical method god doesnot exist, and you are a sentimental fool to believe in god. There was another student in the class who had attended discover you self course , he was more intelligent. So he said “ sir , can I speak something yes. According to empirical scientific method if I understand right those thigns which we cannt taste , touch , see , smell or hear cant exist, yes. Then he turned to other students, my dear friends, does any one of you see hear professors brain, the students call on No, has any one of you tasted his brain , no , has any of you smelled his brain , no have any of you touched his brain no have any of you heard his brain , no,. Sir then according to your own scientific method your brain does not exist. The professor was buffed up  with this. Although it appears to be a plausible argument that seeing is believing, actually it is very childish. There are so many things which we don’t see but they do exist, actually there are two things; things which we don’t see and believe and things we see and don’t believe. Any thing we can say which we see and don’t believe: a mirage in the desert, a stick put in water appears to be bend but it is not bend, so we see and don’t believe, and there are things which we don’t see but believe for eg. Existence of an electron, the time itself , we can see the time on the watch but it doesn’t show us what the time is it just shows the time pose as it is . our own mind cant see. So it is very superficial argument to say that just because I cant see something it doesn’t exist. More important than seeing is actually understanding. A simple eg suppose the prime minister of India comes and sits in this room and if in this room instead of you all educated people some villagers were sitting, they have never known what is the meaning of prime minister of India , they just think another man has come who has two hands two legs he is wearing a shirt pant they will just come look at him and the prime minister will go away. They will get no benefit from his presence. In order for us even to see also we need to understand a procedure. We may see the prime minister but seeing is of no use unless we benefit from it and if we want to benefit then we must know the procedure. Hence today we will try to understand how we can see god through his manifestations in the cosmos that we see around us.

Slide: to the left side is the result of the archaeological digging expedition. There is a small stone which is pointed. And the archaeologist who dig up fossils from the earth to trace out history of the human race they say that the stone whcich is so sharply pointed cannot have come by chance, probably this is a tool of some stone age man compared to that can anyone say what is there on the right the DNA isn’t it. The DNA is far more complicated that the stone, in fact many of you in your tenth standard you may have drawn the DNA structurein your exams. We are expected to believe that the small pointed stone requires a designer but the complicated DNA requires no designer, and it has come by chance. Suppose a student in his class in his exams say that I will draw the DNA structure by chance in my exams , the examiner will say I will give you zero by chance. Its foolish . we say thing which are intricately designed are coming by chance .


Slide:              we have seen that  to say  I cant believe in god because I cant see him is superficial. But we can see god through his manifestations. We will be discussing one by one.

Slide:  the more science has understood the world around us the more scientists have been awe struck by the magnificent order and design that pervades every aspect of the cosmos, right from microscopic to the macroscopic. On top all of  you know what that is , it is an atom. We all have seen an atom , many of you have drawn it, but often what we not considered or contemplated is that the electrons are not going on a morning stroll around the atom , it is not that they are just casually rotating , the electrons are rotating at tremendous speed, one electron moves at 186000 miles per second, cant even imagine its speed. That is why when one atom was split it devastated the entire city, we the extremely  advanced intelligent human beings have not been able to make any vehicle or automobile which can move anywhere near this speed, but that is at an anthrop or macroscopic level but this is at a microscopic level, and not only that all the electrons they move in there respective orbits without colliding, without loosing energy on and on and what we see as solid matter is actually these electrons. All of them are rotating at very high speed which we cant think. This high speed design, intricate and all pervasive practically speaking. So one scientist John Graham said, “I studied the atoms and discovered the glory of god in it. Then we go to the structure of RNA. In RNA also (10:20)


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