Kamiya Sindoor is a popular kind of sindoor and it is the blessings from the goddess Kamakhya.

Kamakhya Devi or as her devotees and believers refer to her as Kamakhya devi and Kamiya Maa is the goddess of fulfilling desires of everything we want in our life which is related to the worldly wishes. To know about the origin of the deity we have to back in time when the supreme lord shiva got married to the aadishakti sati. Sati was the daughter of a great king who was the utmost important man in the world at that time well-known by the name of “Daksh prajapati”, the actual word prajapati means ruler of people. Sati has always admired Lord Shiva and wanted to marry him but her father was always against it as Prajapati never accepted Shiva to be his son-in-law.

According to Hindu Astrology, Mesh Rashi or House of Aries is on the forehead. The God of Mesh is Mars and the symbolic color is red.

It is believed and whispered to be very auspicious and fortunate. That is why red sindoor (vermilion) is applied at the forehead.

This is signs of saubhagya (good fortune).

Sindoor (vermilion) is also considered to be the symbol of the female energy of Sati and Parvati.

Kamiya sindoor(vermilion) is popular all over the world because of its amazing magical power that can heal any kind of problems and difficulties in life People use this sindoor to solve their problems and to get success in both personal and professional life.

Numerous people will use this precious and valuable sindoor to do vashikaran mantra or yantra.

This sindoor is the real form of sindoor which is available in the form of solid rocks. It is very popular and contains many miraculous and incredible effects.

This  Kamiya Sindoor will act as a significant source to get blessings from the Adhisakthi Mata Parvati, this is enough to solve any type of problems and achieve success in anything in a lifetime.

It will help you to fulfill all your desires in your life.

The Benefits of Kamiya Sindoor -

 It can attract all amount of wealth, prosperity and riches in your life
 Protects from negativity and negative effects of tantra and mantra
 It can easily defeat your enemies

 The romance and passion will increase in your married life
 Fosters strong and deep meditation, Enhances the power of the third eye.
 It can easily solve your career problems
 You can protect yourself from the evil act of your enemies
 Builds strong will power and Increases the hypnosis power

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