Book Distribution in Taiwan

I usually keep some small books like "Perfection of Yoga" and "Beyond birth and death" in my bag. I try to distribute them to anyone who seems a little favorable. Taxis are pretty commonplace in Taiwan and I do take them quite often. When it's time to get off, the driver usually extends his hand towards the back seat and then I put a book in his hand. Sometimes they take it and I say they can donate the taxi fare, which is usually NT$ 70 or 100 ie US$2 or 3.

This afternoon when I was leaving home, a lady was leaving from the apartment across our house. We were in the elevator together and I commented that she looked a lot like the lady who lives in the apartment across from our house. She said "yes" that lady is her sister. Then I said you even talk like her, the resemblance was uncanny. So then we walked out of the apartment building and suddenly I remembered that I had a "Beyond birth and death" in my bag. So I took it out and showed it to her and she took it so I asked for a donation. She said she will get it from her car. She took her purse from the car and gave me NT$2000 ie US$60!!!

I was so amazed! I didn't know whether I should keep the money or try to return it to her. In the meantime she got in her car and drove off.

Krishna Bhavna dd
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