My Dearest of dear Vithu mauli,

When in excruciating pain and agony,

When one after one ailment assailed,

Approached you with anger and irritation

Can’t you cure me, “WHY ME?” did I ask insensitively,

Saw a million watt smile on your most divine lotus face,

The message clear, your body is a temple and in it the soul myself,

Can’t you respect, tend and nurture it?

Care did I, and lo! my pain and suffering vanished.

Yes, my Vithu mauli dearest, indeed a  blessing in disguise.

Soft, docile , passive , submissive and highly meek were I,

Attacked by the brute, insensitive and bullies,

Could not fight my case, came to you with frustration and misplaced anger,

Can’t you save and rescue  me from these inconsiderate lot,

Shouted at you on top of my voice, “WHY ME?” once again,

Saw a billion watt smile on your lovely merciful lotus face,

Can’t you rise to the occasion and fight back was your kind response

Fought back alone this time, gallantly ,  whenever the situation demanded ,

Yes, my Vithu mauli dearest , indeed a blessing in disguise.

My dreams and aspirations shattered, nothing worked my way,

Once again came charging towards you blaming my dearest,

This time wailed louder “WHY ME?” , don’t you have any pity for me,

Saw a zillion watt smile on your superlative lovely lotus face,

Can’t you plan, re-engineer, build and rise like a phoenix was your message

Yes, rise did I and how ! today am in an exalted position never imagined.

Yes, my Vithu mauli dearest, indeed a  blessing in disguise.

When the wheels of fortune turn in a reverse gear,

Indeed it is a blessing in disguise, For to fight adversity is fulfilling,

Lessons learnt is worth a lifetime, priceless, to fall is victory for

it teaches us to rise, to touch the clouds, the stars and the cosmos.

Every fall is a step closer to humbleness, resilience, to become more humane

Yes, every failure and fall  is a greatest blessing in disguise.

My life today at times, seems barren, and at others highly fruitful,

This time, have come before you with joined hands raised above

For the first time, have I ,humbly in a voice filled with remorse and

total prapatti(unconditional surrender) ask yourself ‘WHY NOT ME?”

Seeing a countless watt smile on your most compassionate lotus face,


KARMIC LOAD, my past and present actions AND NOT BECAUSE OF THOU MAULI,

Realization dawned there are countless brothers and sisters across the three worlds,

Who are holier than the holiest, suffer more than one can imagine,

Yet ,love you unconditionally and do not approach you with “WHY ME?”

What is it, that , have done that merits only joys , happiness and best life,

Why can’t I face the wheels of ups and downs of samsara ( mundane life)

in a stoic dignified way?,  Vithu mauli dearest, you  have stood like a

Himalaya mountain  in front of me, protecting, shielding, guiding and

preventing every onslaught from every quarter , but realize did I not,

Your very large divine steps, engulfed every danger before they manifested,

For to run away is easier but to acknowledge, reciprocate , counter act is difficult.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, infinite, amends will I make, now and ever, at a lightening speed

This time, with zero expectations, will I serve you lovingly beyond any parameter,

Stand will I , as a humble invisible speckle of dust, at your side ,here and hereafter,

 to protect , bless, serve you , YES MY VITHU MAULI DEAREST, HAVE I LEARNT, AT LAST,


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