Blessed by Bhaktimarga Swami


Cameron, who comes over to check on me quite regularly, took a lotus position and within that safe six foot distance, mentioned to me, “This room has a powerful energy.”

I agreed. “Why sure. This is the place where our guru, Prabhupada, stayed. Right where I am laying now (recovering) was the location of his bed. To my left is the washroom and tub he used and next to us, behind you, was the greeting room.”

“The vibes are good,” Cameron reiterated in his Aussie accent.

It has been a week since I’ve been camped out in these three rooms and I’m inclined to say that everything I could ever want is here. For a guy with itchy feet, who likes to get out and about, that might sound strange, but whatever a pure devotee (Prabhupada) has touched, has a special power. I’m lucky to be in that power.

I know, also, that I’m not meant to be bound in one spot forever. When I get back to walking I’ll trek those streets and parks. That’s what monks are obliged to do — to connect with nature and people and God even, if you’re lucky.

Is there any such thing as “lucky?” Perhaps fortunate? Blessed by the best, maybe? It will certainly take a great amount of surrender on my part before I get to have darshan, a view of the Lord. However, I feel blessed being in the space that I am, for now, and in the company of those sweet souls who poke their heads in and check on me once in a while.


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