BIRTHDAY OF THE BHAGAVAD GITAA call to action*************All resources needed for singing the Entire Gita on GJ DAY (free downloads):->>Text (pdf) -eitherPresentation Format (1st link)orBook Format (2nd link)from here:http://ebooks. Grace_Dina_Anukampana_Dasa/ (Courtesy of Iskcon Chowpatty temple)>>& Audio (mp3)-from here:*********A Call to action!!==============If you love Mother Gita thenplease share this msg & links and thus help us to equip & empowerTHE MORE THAN ONE BILLION GITA-BELIEVERS ON THE PLANETWITH THE RESOURCES NEEDEDTO EASILY SING 'THE HOLY SONG OF GOD' (BHAGAVAD GITA) ON THAT VERY AUSPICIOUS DAY!!!!!MAY THIS GITA JAYANTI 2013 BE OBSERVED BY MORE INDIVIDUALS ON THE PLANET THAN EVER BEFORE,WITH THE HELP OF SOCIAL NETWORKING, INTERNET TECHNOLOGY AND YOUR KIND COOPERATION ;-)Sincerely yours In the sacred service of Sri-Sri Guru-Gauranga,Dina-Anukampana Das GJI Int'l Network msg and the resources for observing GJ are brought to you by: THE GITA JAYANTI INTERNATIONAL NETWORK case u r logging in to GJI from a smartphone, Please click 'Menu' at top right then click 'View Desktop Site' to see the colourful main website: the mobile version of the site is sadly merely like a blog [] Our Techy people are workingx on fiing that problem. TQ & sorry for the inconvenience.)Do become a member of the GJI social network, contribute your best effort, and help us cast the net of Mother Gita's infinite mercy far and wide, to usher in a new age of sustainable peace, happiness & prosperity for all! GITA JAYANTI GLOBAL MAHA-MAHOTSAVA ("GRAND FESTIVAL") KI ....JAYA! ("ALL GLORIES") Gita Jayanti International global holiday of the future ki....JAYA!Visit Gītā Jayanti International at:
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  • I just posted a msg about sharing the text and audio for singing the entire gita and my post is awaiting moderation totally...but all the paragraphing disappeared when I clicked ADD to post the msg. That makes it very unreadable can I have it edited with proper paragraphing before the msg goes out to everyone? Thank you. Hare krsna
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