Bhakti-vriksha program in 2013

2013 was another successful year for Bhakti-vriksha around the world. The latest reports from the top places applying this program are the following:

* Former Soviet Union Countries: 550 groups (7150 devotees)

*Kolkata, India: 120 groups (1560 devotees)

*Bangalore, India: 100 groups (1200 devotees)

As you can see, when this program is applied correctly, the results are very powerful. Bhakti-vriksha groups divide and so the number of devotees automatically increases. 

In order to help you to start this program, we offer different materials such as the Bhakti-vriksha Manual, Bhakti-vriksha Training Modules, and Handbooks for Bhakti-vriksha Members and more. 

Also, we have a group of hardworking devotees coaching and guiding devotees in this program around the world.

Bhakti-vriksha coaches:

Vijay Venugopal Prabhu and Prema Padmini Mataji

Advaitachandra Prabhu and Kalasuddha Mataji

Manohara Shyama Prabhu and Premavati Chitra Mataji

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