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Bhägavata Pradépikä, a free monthly e-magazine on the Çrémad-Bhägavatam, is an initiative of the Bhaktivedänta Vidyäpéöha to share the unparalleled wisdom of the Bhagavatam with the whole world. Each issue of the Bhägavata Pradépikä contains illuminating perspectives and principles of practical application on a pertinent theme of Çrémad-Bhägavatam, as highlighted in the Bhaktivedäntapurports and the commentary of Çréla Viçvanätha Cakravarti ÖhäkuraEvery issue is titled based on a theme and all the columns are related to that topic.


Bhägavata Pradépikä also contains another interesting column “Bhägavata Praväha” that covers the flow of Bhägavatam in a sequential way, summarizing a few chapters in one issue, highlighting their essence, significance and philosophical aspects. The “Analogy arena” and “Verse of the month” columns present the Bhägavatam wisdom briefly along with relevant images. The “Quiz Corner” and “Pari-praçna” columns facilitate spiritual interactions between the Vidyapitha team and the readers of the Pradépikä.


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Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha

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