Today I had a WONDERFUL thing to share with you, which I am sure that whosoever reads that, their whole body will shiver with joy. Yes, really, whosever reads this mail, their body will definitely shiver with joy, I am very sure.


Daily morning, en-route from my home to office, I pass through a Mosque, hearing “Allaahaaaaaaa”, when hearing the sound from little far off (before reaching the Mosque), the sound “Allaaaa” used to come to my ear as “Hareeeeee” and I used to look left and right from the car, from where this sound “Hareeeeeeeee” is coming.  Only after passing through the Mosque, I used to realize that it is not “Hareeeeee”, but it is “Allahaaaa”.  I used to feel happy that my Ears are tuned to “Hareeee” even though whatever sound may be, really it is.


While returning from office to home, daily I pass by a big heap of garbage, collected from all streets and dumped in a remote place and cows are eating the stuff from the garbage.  I used to feel sad that cow, which is the most dear to the Lord Krishna is eating the worst from Garbage and giving us Milk, Medicine, Dung(useful for cooking, urea, etc., even after its death, its skin is used for Lord’s seva in the form of Mridangam, Tabala, etc.)


So the above two episodes of hearing “Allahh” as “Hareeeeee” and Cows eating the garbage remained/fixed in my mind.


Today morning at around 4.00 AM, I got a WONDERFUL dream.


DREAM: I was just walking on road; a small ISKCON Temple Van with Hare Krishna Kirtan coming through the Microphone is passing.  Hearing to the Hare Krishna Kirtan, I started dancing on the road, just like Chaitanya Maha Prabhu’s picture or like any others do in ISKCON Temple.  After sometime, I felt, hey, this is not temple, this road, all public will see and laugh at me.  Again I consoled myself, let others think whatever they want to think, I have to dance to my Krishna as he will be pleased.


So, when I continued to dance on the road, a small baby of 01 year old, totally naked except one red color thread below his belly (in Telugu we say Mola-Tadu) is there. I think that boy is similar to that of Lord Damodara, but he is just 01 year old only but not about 05 years child as we see in Damodara Photo.


Even that 01 year old, who is more cute (in naked), has also joined me dancing on the street.  On seeing myself and the 01 year son dancing on the road, one cow, nearby is amazed and that cow also started sitting (in a human position) and clapping with its two hands.  Then that 01 year old naked goes near to the cow.  That cow hugs that baby to its heart and started clapping with its both hands, keeping that 01 year old between its two hands.


Then immediately, I realized that this 01 year old naked is none other than Lord Krishna & Lord Damodara HIMSELF as no cow sits in human position, clapping to the dance, as we do…. Then immediately, I told to that 01 year old naked “you are not an ordinary baby, you are the Lord Krishna HIMSELF, and started questioning / stressing HIM, “AM I RIGHT” “AM I RIGHT”. 


Then the 01 year old naked started smiling and turning his face to left & right, up & down with shyness in his face, as I caught him that he is not an ordinary baby, but he is Lord Krishna Himself.  The expression in the boy, I could SIMILE it to that of the Lord Krishna that he expressed whenever he is caught by her mother Yashoda when he used to do Makhan-Chor.


When I started telling him that he is not an ordinary baby, but Krishna Himself, the Cow heard my words and started licking the hand of the baby.  I thought, that cow is showing its love for Kirshan… again and again, that cow started taking that 01 year old naked’s hand deep into its mouth.  At one stage, that cow has taken the hand of the baby deep into its mouth. I realized that now, the cow is going to eat away the baby’s hand. So, I gave a big bang on the cow’s mouth and taken out the 01 year old naked’s hand from the cow’s mouth.


I have come out of the dream only when my son started crying because the big bang that I given to the cow in my dream, has really beaten (banged) my son, who is sleeping beside me.


I was really thrilled & overwhelmed with unlimited joy for the Lord Krishna Himself has come in my dream given his appearance to me.


On 30.11.10, I have read in BODHAMRIT – Part-II “We cannot see Krishna properly in His true form with material eyes.  Sri Bramha Samhita explains that only when the eyes are anointed with the slave of love, does Krishna reveal Himself as He is”.


And fortunately, KRISHNA has come in my dream on 01.12.10 Night (early hours of 02.12.10).  I could still able to recollect & enjoy the feelings that the 01 year old naked turning his face left & right, up and down with shy when I caught / asked / stressed / questioned him that he is none other than Krishna himself.


I thought of sharing this WONDERFUL dream with you, hence, this mail.


Yours Worthless Servant,


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  • my eyes really got anointed with slave of love
  • Nice one.... Hariii Bollll!!!!
  • I am indeed happy to know your spiritual realizations too....maataji....hare krishna.....
  • Hare Krishna! Beautiful Dream! It reminds me just 2 days back when i was praying my 5 yr old daughter kept saying in a game "Amigos" (In spanish - Friend) and i kep hearing Haribol! so i was happy she is saying Haribol! as i didnt know she was playing game. Till she came and asked me mommy why you saying Amigos? Its beautiful that our ears want to hear Krishna and eyes want to see Krishna and look for Hari everywhere.
  • Awesome...Hare Krishna
  • wonderful....

    hare krisna

  • hari bol


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