Being true and sincere to onself is too important ,Krishna afterall only sees our bhava our pure love for him it is our honesty which matters the most.It is not easy to develope pure love for Krishna but atleast it is easy to b sincere and strict with oneself ,if our motives are sincere ultimately Krishna will help us to achieve pure prema for him but first of all we must b sincere aand disciplined in his service .If we make a habit to b sincere and strict then it can be just wonderful. bad habits ruin u and good habits specially for krishna s service can bring u more closer to Krishna.So our habits mean a lot to us ,working  ,walking ,eating ,playing ,dancing ,crying and every actions with singing Krishna s name will help u in dying with Krishna s name therefore we must make a habit of singing krishna s name at each second it is just like adding a tulasi leaf in a food which becomes pure and it is connected with Krishna just like this taking krishna s name each moment in our lives is like adding a tualsi leaf in everything we do everything becomes so pure so blissful our every act is mixed Krishna so we must concentrate on our habits.

Hare Krishna

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