Begin Your Journey of Joy

As long as we think, even mildly, that material situations are important, we are in the trap of deadly illusion. This illusion causes us to mistake the unimportant as important, the inessential as essential, the temporary as permanent. It makes us despair in unfortunate times; it makes us fearful about losing the good ones. It makes us struggle to accumulate more and even to just maintain status quo.
Unfortunately the world situation today forces us to struggle even for basic necessities and securities even if we are unattached to material situations. Gone are the days where one could lead a peaceful spiritual life away from the rigmarole of the general life of the masses. Life has become a struggle for all.
Most seek respite in the shallow entertainment of this world which leads them into denser fogs of illusion. But the wise seek respite in focussing on the essential ingredients of happy living even while the world conspires to allure them away into the sinister fogs of illusion.
Focussing on unchanging universal wisdom principles leads to a peaceful and fulfilled heart. Break the shackles of materialistic life, stop being impressed by material accomplishments.
When the mundane stops interesting you, your journey of joy begins.
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