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By Kadamba Kanana Swami

Question: How does one become steady in one’s Krsna consciousness?

By depending more and more on Krsna. In the beginning, we are not steady in our Krsna consciousness because we do not depend enough. We want to depend on ourselves. We think, ‘I want to be Krsna conscious and I am just going to make a mental adjustment in my mind – me, I – so that I can be Krsna conscious and I am just doing it now. I am Krsna conscious from now on. Actually I am quite Krsna conscious!’  No! The thing is that we have to depend on devotees, we have to depend on prasadam, on the temple, on the books. We have to depend on all the electronic stuff we can get about Krsna, we have to depend on the Deities’ mercy, and then we have to do something to score it. So, more and more we have become dependent, and over time more and more we are relying on that dependence. Total dependence on Krsna and in that way we become more and more steady – that is the secret.


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