</Gratitude is actually a prayer to god......saying thank you for all the things that He has given you. Recently one of my friends sent me an sms saying...A great man once said....i was complaining about not having no shoes till i saw a man with no legs. what a statement!!!. Really how many times in our life we fail to see the blessings that we have received from God and rather keep cribbing about things which we lack. Oh i wish i had this , oh i wish i had that and of course the list is endless...There comes a time when our needs become our wants and still the list is endless....goes on and on and on....Inspired by these thoughts i wrote this poem yesterday....pls try to see the thoughts rather than its poetry as it lacking ...but never the less....they are my thoughts....Be Grateful For What You HaveSometimes we cry for thingsNot worth a dime,Hankering and LamentationTake up most of our time.We cry when we have no shoesCribbing and cribbing without sense,Imagine a man with no legs,Lame and needy without offense.We have a choice to complain,of things not going right at homeFights, misunderstandings and problems,Or be grateful for having a family of our own.We may say a rose is full of thorns,or see a glass as half fact even thorns can have a beautiful rose.Its not the rose, but our eyes which are faulty.We may say oh sad it is rainingOr be grateful for our fields being watered for free...Being thankful to god for everythingIs only way to be happy, i am sure you'll agree...So let us take this opportunity to be grateful to God for all the things he has given us........Make a list today and post it on your board so that you can read it everyday and realize the number of blessings god has showered upon you.Hare krishna
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  • Hare Krishna!
    What a lovely poem. Most inspiring...
    Your eternal servant,
    eternal muser
  • very nice mataji
    hare krishna
  • amazing!! a true devotee u r mataji :)
    hare krishna!
  • eye opener,
    hari bol mataji
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