Be careful of chocolates please

Even one wrong habit can disturb your health permanently. We all know drinking spoils the liver,smoking spoils the lungs,I have been proud about having no such vice, but one thing got me down- chocolates. Being a non-smoker,non-alcoholic,and a pure vegetarian,I was sure things would work out fine on my health front, but I was in for a shock.I had developed a habit of munching chocolates whenever I got a chance.I would make sure the chocolate did not contain eggs, and would then feast on them.This led to formation of a hardened cholesterol stone in my gall bladder, and the gall bladder had to be surgically removed.Had I not developed a liking for chocolates, I might have been free from this torture of living without a gall bladder for the rest of my life. 

Chocolates might also contain eggs, so be very careful what you offer children, you maybe pampering them with lovely chocolates and they will eat it all up, with all the strange contents it has in it.Make sure, that you have read the ingredients before buying a chocolate bar. yet, I insist, avoid chocolates altogether.

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