Battle with identity

and independence

As a senior secondary teacher of a public school, I realized that the biggest conflict that the adolescents of modern era face today is of “identity crises”. A lot of these adolescents are rejecting their culture as old fashioned ideas and would rather adapt to the ways of the west.

These young adults living in ignorance are mostly misbehaved. The reasons being they go to bed late, awake late, watch violent and sexual movies and are surrounded by lust and fighting.

I observed this very closely in case of Angela. A XIth standard, bright, fashionable girl with a gleam of rebellion in her eyes. Her eyes seemed to challenge everyone and everything. While in class she would deliberately put up questions which were out of context to the lesson being taught and tried to provoke teacher’s anger. Her challenging attitude demanded more than just attention.

Once while teaching ‘circulation if blood through human heart’ I commented in a light mood that how mysterious force guides our life and that one should acknowledge the immense power of supreme who maintains our life.

Immediately a hand went up for a query to be answered. I acknowledged and Angela what was her question.
She said,” ma’am when one can’t see God then it is ridiculous to believe that a human body organ is run by any natural force. And if you insist that what you said is true, then show us all who is supreme and where does he reside?”

Early adolescent period is sensitive time as the child’s intelligence expands to understand the nature of adult society. These children rebel because they see hypocrisy all round such as non spiritual teacher or parent.

They struggle and strive endlessly for their identity and independence and often harbor a false notion of being free and happy when actually they are the slaves of dead habits and misconceptions.

As is stated in the tenth canto of Bagvatam-

Prayanapayush sabha
Kalva asmin yuge janah
Mandah sumanda matayo
Manda-bagya hy upadrutah

We do not know what intelligence and happiness is. Absence of misery is happiness for us. Throughout our lives, deluded we chase the elusive happiness without bothering to refer to the scriptures which are treasure house of all knowledge.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna

Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama

Hare Hare

and be happy.

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  • Volunteer
    Hare Krishna !!!
    Enlivening realization ....
  • hare krishna mata g...
    u said right and i m really happy for school children those have a devotee teacher like u, it seems that Krishna is already blessing them by gifting a devotee teacher....

    hari bol.
  • All conditioned souls are in a crisis of Identity. The Samkirtana of the Holy Names is the only Remedial Action for the Conditioned Entity. The chanting of the Glories and Truths of the Science of God Realization through Experiencing of the Truth, the Tenants of Vaisnava Siddhanta,, the living, confused and angry souls are educated and enlightened to their actual Id entity as Eternal Spirit Souls, Parts and Parcels of the Supreme Soul and Connected to Him through Loving devotion. Preaching, Educating is part of the Samkirtana as are distributing Literature and Prasadam. This Chanting must ggo on and by such chanting the Ocean of Gouranga's Mercy increases to inundate the world of conditioned, suffering souls.
  • Very correct mataji, Its all happening because schools are not teaching spirittual values to the children from the tender age. have they been taught , every individual will grow into an excellent individual who will do good for himself and for society at large.I hope in futre all the teachings of Bhagvat geeta and Srmad bhagvatam and teachings of other religion should be made compulsory. Jai Shree Radhe
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