A very kind-hearted Markandeya was at arrivals to pick up my check-in, my carry-on and myself. The airport at Buenos Aires has very much improved with its renovations. I got through the customs with a cinch. On the freeway, I could see the usual tall hardwoods and, with it being spring, good fragrances are in the air. Colours too. The purple-flowering jacaranda is stunning. There’s also the very red santa rita, which gives life just by looking at it. However, in man’s world of duality there is always an evil to cancel or neutralize the good. The traffic exhaust leaves much to be desired, though there is a pleasant 70⁰ Fahrenheit, as the Delta Airline American pilot put it over the PA system.

I was greeted by a happy kirtan party, located at Ciudad de La Paz 394, in Buenos Aires. Improvements have been made there as well, with a new tiled temple floor and an overall cleaner look to the building; a former private school. Some things don’t change and those are the items that give stability. For instance, the robins sing this time of year. And people of a stalwart nature – that are dependable – make it welcome. Merudevi, the Ratha Yatra festival coordinator, was there and that’s comforting. She is like a deity; always there.

Our group of theatrical people got together. I had a light lunch with asparagus (it’s in season), an avocado-and-lettuce salad and an easy, cheesy bread. That’s the way I like it. It’s like being on the road, eating healthy.

A small band of us took to walking to Lagos (lake) de Ragata, near the heart of Buenos Aires. I had a fall (The street concrete is uneven). However, I sprang back into action right away.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2022/12/tuesday-november-15-2022.html

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