Taken from the book "The butter thief"

Sometimes, the cows would come into the cowherd town of Nandagrama, and stand waiting. Then Krishna and Baladeva used to go out, and lie down on the ground beneath them, and the cows udders would spontaneously pour milk into Their mouths. The cows would think, “If only Krishna were my son! Then I could give Him my milk, and show love and affection for Krishna.“ This mood was everywhere in Vraja.

Krishna and Baladeva grew up, and when They were about one and a half years old, They could stand up, and walk
a little; and sometimes They would fall down, as well. The gopis would come to see Them, and they divided themselves into two parties. One party took Baladeva’s side and the other party supported Krishna. The gopis on Krishna’s side announced, “Krishna is so strong that He can defeat Baladeva.“ Then Baladeva Prabhu’s party disputed with them: “No, no, Baladeva is stronger than Krishna.“ The gopis on Krishna’s side said, “If Krishna defeats Baladeva, I will give Krishna a laddu.“ And the gopis in Baladeva Prabhu’s party said, “If Baladeva wins this battle, then we will give Baladeva a laddu.“ Krishna and Baladeva could understand what was going on, and in this way, the gopis inspired the two brothers to wrestle with each other. Krishna and Baladeva were naked. They stood opposite each other, and began to slap Their thighs and chests like adult wrestlers. Then They caught hold of each other and tried to bring each other to the ground, but They were equally matched. Sometimes Baladeva would almost defeat Krishna but then, Oh! Krishna turned just in time, and He would defeat Baladeva; then Baladeva would defeat Him. They were going on like this — back and forth — and everyone rejoiced, singing and clapping. All the gopis were overjoyed to see this play.
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  • Jai Sri Krishna and Baladeva!
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  • krishna's always enjoys with HIS devotees
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  • Thank you Mataji for this wonderful story and now i cut and paste this story and email to all those kids i know and they enjoy it very much.

    Hare Krishna
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