I had had a good night's rest at Surinder's home, with the window wide open, and at a comfortable 16 degrees Celsius, or thereabout.  The twelve kilometre walk on the Great Trail, and the dance lessons with demonstrations at the Kirtan Yoga session, made for a good straight six-hour slumber.  This is rare.

Now it is the last day of June, and the community of ISKCON Ottawa is gathered for the weekly Sunday sangha.  There is also a strong spirit of enthusiasm, in anticipation of tomorrow's big birthday party for Canada.  Under the current regime, the country will turn 152.
I took the opportunity to speak to the group about the Krishna/Canada connection. "The first historical link between this land of the maple leaf and Krishna Consciousness, in more recent times, was the arrival of Bhaktivinod's book, The Life and Precepts of Sri Chaitanya.  It arrived as a parcel at the library doors of McGill University in Montreal."
Sri Chaitanya, being the father of kirtanthat is currently spreading throughout the world, had become noticed, but only by a few theologians of the time. "The seed of bhakti (devotion) had been transplanted from India to Canada in the form of that book, and it happened right here in this country."  There was a response by way of proud applause.  "And it is Sri Chaitanya whom biographers say is an incarnation of Krishna."  
After the talk and meal, Fernando and I went to the nearby Rideau River at dusk. The air, since morning, had maintained a freshness.  Or as we might say in yoga parlance, prana stayed in the air.

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