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Asta SakhisThe sakhis are of five kinds: they are known as sakhis, nitya-sakhis, prana-sakhis priya-sakhis and parama-prestha-sakhis. Among them, some are equally affectionate towards Radha and Krsna, while some are crookedly affectionate towards Them. Kusumita, Vindhya, Kunda lata, and Dhanistha are known as sakhis. They are more affectionate towards Sri Krsna. Kasturi, Mani-manjari, etc., are nitya-sakhis, and they are more affectionate towards Sri Radhika. Therefore, they are counted among the crookedly affectionate sakhis. Sasti-manjari, Vasanti, Lasika etc., are called prana-sakhis. Sumadhya, Madana-lasa, etc., are called priya-sakhis. The eight sakhis such as Lalita, Visakha etc., are called param-prestha sakhis. Although these eight sakhis are equally affectionate towards Radha and Krsna, still sometimes they are more affectionate towards Sri Radhika.Descriptions of the Colors and Dresses of the Sakhis:Lalita: (Svarupa Damodara in gaura-lila); her other name is Anuradha. Her complexion is beautiful bright yellow (gorocana). Her dress is the color of peacock feathers. Her mother's name is Saradi. Her father's name is Bisoka. Her so-called husband is Bhairava. She is of a sharp and contrary nature. She is twenty-seven days older than Radhika. Her services include offering betel nuts and camphor. She resides in Lalitananda Kunja, which resembles the colour of lightning. Her residence is situated on the northern-side of the lotus shaped Yogapitha consisting of eight petals. Ratnaprabha, Ratikeli, Subhadra, Bhadrarekhika, Sumukhi, Dhanistha, Kalahamsi and Kalapini belong to her group.Visakha: (Raya Ramananda in gaura-lila); her complexion is cream-colored with a tinge of red. Her dress is bedecked with stars. She is a niece of Jatila. Her mother's name is Daksina. Her father's name is Pawan. Her so-called husband is Bahika. Her nature is marginal. She was born the same time as Radhika. Her service is to decorate Radha and Krsna with cloths and ornaments. She resides in cloud-colored Visakhananda Kunja on the northern side of Yogapitha. Madhavi, Malati, Chandralekha, Kunjari, Harini, Chapala, Surabi, and Subanana belong to her group.Chitra: (Govindananda in gaura-lila); she has a beautiful saffron complexion. Her dress is crystalline in color. Her mother's name is Charbika. Her father's name is Chatura, who is the cousin of King Vrsabhanu. Her so-called husband is Pithra. She has a gentle nature. She is twenty-six days younger than Radharani. Her service is to offer garlands of cloves to Radha and Krsna. She resides in wonderful Chitrananda Kunja, situated on the eastern part of the Yogapitha. Rasalika, Tilakini, Souraseni, Sugandhika, Ramila, Kamanagari, Nagari, and Nagabelika belong to her group.Indurekha: (Basu Ramananda in gaura-lila); her complexion is of greenish yellow, her dress is like pomegranate flowers. Her mother's name is Bela, her father's name is Sagar. Her so-called husband is Durbala. She has a contrary nature. She is three days younger than Radharani. Her service is to offer honey. She resides in golden-colored Purnedra Kunja on the south-eastern petal of the Yogapitha. Tungabhadra, Rasatunga, Rangawati, Sumangala, Chitralekha, Vichitrangi, Modani, and Madanalasa are the sakhis that belong to her group.Champakalata: (Sivananda Sen in gaura-lila); her complexion is like the champaka flower. Her dress is like the Casa bird. Her mother's name is Vatika, her father's name is Arama. Her so-called husband is Chandaksa. Her nature is mild and gentle. She is one day younger than Radharani. Her service is offering jewels and the camara. She resides in Kamalata Kunja situated on the southern petal of the Yogapitha. In her group are: Kurungaksi, Sucharita, Manjali, Manikundala, Chandrika, Chandralatika, Kandukaksi, and Sumandira.Rangadevi: (Govinda Gosh in gaura-lila); her complexion is like that of a lotus flower. Her dress is the color of hibiscus flower. Her mother's name is Karuna, her father's name is Ranga-sara. Her so-called husband is Vakreksana. Her nature is medium-contrary. She is seventeen days younger than Radharani. Her service is offering sandalwood pulp. She resides in bluish Rangadevi-kunja situated on the south-western petal of the Yogapitha. The following sakhis belong to her group: Kalakanthi, Sasikala, Kamala, Madhura, Indira, Kandarpa Sundari, Kamalatika and Prema-manjari.Tungavidya: (Vakresvara Pandita in gaura-lila); her complexion is like kumkum mixed with camphor and sandalwood. She dresses in yellow garments. Her mother's name is Medha. Her father's name is Pauskara. Her so-called husband is Valish. Her nature is most liberal. She is five days younger than Radharani. Her service is singing and dancing. She resides in orange colored Tungavidya-kunja situated on the western petal of Yogapitha. Manjumedha, Sumadhura, Sumadhya, Madhureksana, Tanumadhya, Madhusyanda, Gunachuda, and Barangada sakhis belong to her group.Sudevi: (Vasudeva Ghosh in gaura-lila); the twin sister of Rangadevi. Her complexion and dress is the same as Rangadevi. Her so-called husband is the younger brother of Vakreksana. She has a sharp, contrary nature. Her service is offering water. She resides in yellow-colored Sudevi-kunja situated on the north-western petals of the Yogapitha. Kaveri, Charukabara, Sukesi, Manjukuhi, Harahira, Mahahira, Hara-kanti, and Manohara sakhis belong to her group.Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare IHare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare II
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