Hari bol..In Ramayana a demon Lankinee is saying (TATA SWARGA APABARGA SUKHA DHARIYA TULA EK ANGA||TULANA TAHI SAKLA MILI JO SUKHA LABA SATASANGA).So a demon is speaking in such a voice (as a Vaisnav),it is all due to the association of Hanumanjee.In this age of kali the primary duty for all is NAMA JAPA and VAISNAV SEWAN.The same thing Ramjee is saying to Sabareejee.(PRATHAMA BHAGATI SANTANA KARA SANGA;DWITIYA BHAGATI MAMAKATHA PRASANGA)we all are bounded soul.The only thing that can free us from the clutch of maya/bondage is KRISHNA KRIPA.The mercy of Krishna is omnipresent,but that can be received through a good conductor/medium,and the medium is SADHU GURU better said in vaisnav language MAHAJANA, a bona fide authority.So we should try to have good association.Krishna say's I may not be present in Vaikuntha ,nor in the heart of Yogis but I am always present there, where my pure devotees are singing my glory(KIRTAN).So do kirtan with association of pure devotees.All glories of Guru GourangHARE KRISHNA
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