though ashray classes in our society happens very frequently but due to my work i was unable to attend all the classes...but fortunately i got the chance to attend one of the classes recently ....learned alot from that experience wanted to share with you all..mata ji.who was coming in the class for quite some time asked prabhu ji some questions...mata ji...prabhu ji you told us to only worship one almighty god krishna but i used to do shanibar fast to please lord shani by taking instructions from you i stopped worshiping shani bagvan and whole week i chanted hari naam.prabhu ji .... did u noticed any changes...??mata prabhu ji even the whole week went so hectic all the works i was doing gave me the adverse results i felt that i made lord shani angry by not performing my duties...prabhu u believe that it happened to you because you worshipped lord hari or its happened because didnt worshipped lord shani..?mata ji ....i think its happened coz i did not performed my duties correctly....prabhu ji....ok did you see any good changes..?mata be honest i got mental peace while chanting hari naam but it was vanished whn my husband lost 50000 in share market and so on and on..( so many things in one week i really feel pity for that lady she had gone thru many bad things in last 7 days)prabhu ji took 4 glasses one plastic glass one steel glass one fancy looking glass and one silver glass...put some lemonade in all for glasses and asked lady to taste all four....she took sip from each glass..prabhu ji....mata ji which one was better...?mata ji... they all taste same prabhu ji...prabhu ji thn is very similar like these glasses some have good money some have not so much money some living life like silver glass which has same taste as one living life like plastic glass....we all here to change what is in the glass not the glass.... krishna conscious does nt bother about which glass they are sipping the lemonade but they are more concerned about changing the inner if i put some tasty kheer in that plastic glass mata ji should have liked it more than silver glass lemonade...mata ji admitted that she found some peace inside but due to material attachments mata lost all the peace...can anyone assure us that if mata ji husband in last week got profit of one million rs life and the taste of lemonade would be any different...i think answer is no...its may be the glass changing mode plastic to silver glass...but the taste of the life wont change accordingly....if we became krishna conscious lifestyle wont change like glasses remain the same but what we have inside the glass is changed lemonade to tasty kheer....and i can really hope mata ji will taste the real tasty kheer one day.
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  • Beautiful post. And implies on every one.hare krishna
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