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Arguments and Motivation

Hare Krishna,

                Many times we argue for nothing. We argue with such intensity that we ourselves forget that we are contradicting ourselves. While arguing, one must be honest.

Arguments are generally for reaching to the conclusion based on the opinions and intelligence of some people because we may have overlooked some aspects of the problem or we may be biased and may have formed a opinion based on some "key terms" in the problem, overlooking the others.

              But most of the times, arguments become unfortunate. We argue just to prove that "I am better than you" and nothing else. While arguing, we must ask ourselves thousand times, " Am I convinced with what I am arguing??, Am I talking with neutral intentions or I am just angree and proving my point??, Am I arguing just for benefit or enlightment of others or I am just emphasizing my thoughts on others when the other side may also be right and I am not sure of the actual solution to the query."

We must stress out "Am I 100% honest while arguing?? Am I bringing my "I" while arguing??"

If everybody is to follow such habit, probably the arguments would always be a very nice thing, and specially a thing of which everybody would like to be the part of and last but not the least, NO ONE would ever be HURT in arguments.

Insignificant one,

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