Nakula Kaufman: For many, many years H.G. Aindra prabhu presided in Vrndavan over the group of boys and men that comprised the 24 hour kirtan yatra. The ashrama became famous not only for exporting the most attractive, potent and infective Kirtan in the world but as a training ground for many a young devotee to imbibe the mood and hone the skills of the performance of Hare Nama Sankirtana. Aindra prabhu was a master of inspiring and training such boys, many of whom often entered as rough cut stones and within a relatively short time emerged well on their way to exhibiting the finely polished, gem-like qualities of true Krishna bhaktas.

Although Aindra prabhu eschewed the title of guru and never aspired to take disciples, his followers, young and old alike consider him among, if not their most important, siksha guru. In light of the sudden, shocking disappearance of their beloved spiritual master, the current ashram members, scattered around the globe for summer engagements including the Youth Ministry Bus Tour and the North American Rathayatra Festival of India Tour, have vowed to return as soon as possible to Vrndavan to assume the responsibility of securing the foundation of their guru’s mission while honoring his memory. They understand the momentous achievement toward worldwide preaching that Aindra prabhu had undertaken and the immense dedication that resulted in his brilliant success, and they understand the challenge that faces each and every one of them to continue the wonderful effort to spread the Holy Name into every town and village.
Most of these young kirtaniyas are currently traveling throughout North America with the Festival of India/Youth Ministry and have no means of coming up with their own laksmi at the moment. They are seeking the support of the devotee community at large to help them with one way tickets back to Vrndavana Dhama to aid the ISKCON Krishna Balaram Mandir 24 Hour Kirtan in its time of need. The “young kirtaniyas” whom are being spoken about namely include: Amala Purana Das, Nakula Das, and Prashant Das, those which have been under the direct guidance of Aindra Prabhu for the past 2 years. They humbly request your assistance to continue the critical mission of Aindra prabhu who in pursuance of the desire of his spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada wished to bring Hari Nama Sankirtana, congregational chanting of the Lord’s Holy Names, to the forefront of the attention of the world.
Please donate whatever you can to help these devotees’ emergency return to Vrndavan in this time of great sorrow and grief to ensure that their beloved Aindra’s dream of uninterrupted kirtan does not falter.
On behalf of H.G. Aindra prabhu and this handful of disciples a paypal account has been set up in hope to help pay for the kirtaniyas to return to Vrndavana. They sincerely thank you for your important assistance. The link to donate is just below and will guide you in sending funds to the 24 Hour Kirtaniya Donation Fund paypal account: “”
Your servants,
The well wishers of Aindra’s 24 Hour Kirtan Boys

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