Any devotee who has developed genuine love for Krishna can also explain the truth about Krishna, because Krishna helps such sincere devotee seated in his heart.

Delhi, September 20, 1967.

Srila Prabhupada

Those who love Krishna from the bottom of heart, they can only understand the divine truth. They can explain that sincere love for Sri Krisna can enlighten and enhance the blessing. It can improve the holy communion with God. Any devotee can try to build this faith on God. This can be built through regular chanting of Hare Krishna and with this chant, one can gain new energy and any work done with the name of God, of course, noble deeds, helps one gain the path of peace and happiness. A life dedicated to the devotional service of Sri Krishna helps us gain the ultimate divine peace and assists us in getting rid of the anxieties and troubles in our life.

The heart becomes pure with the incessant chanting of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra. We can sing the glory of God and we can share the sacred literature of Bhagawad Gita as it is. Life will never be the same when we get that divine light directly from God. It is good to think about God and take his name in free time. The anxieties and troubles that storm our mind will be blown away. We will reach a blissful state.

Our mind is confused with the influence of media, i.e. radio, television, newspaper etc. So we cannot focus on one thing. The chanting of Hare Krishna maha mantra helps us to focus and purify the mind. We can see the presence of God in this world and we can discover our divine self and improve the mental state through positive thinking. This positive mantra chanting can empower us to win the survival of the fittest. Life will never be the same for the Sri Krishna lovers. 

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