Four albums released by His Grace Ananta Nitai Prabhu, Mumbai, India for free downloads

1. Brahma Samhita


2. Radharani Ki Jai!


3. Harer Naam Eva Kevalam

4. Sri Nrsimha Strotam

DOWNLOAD all the above albums - here

If you like them, thank him for sharing this nectar with us -

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  • amazing

  • so nice pr g

  • Hari Bol

    Awesome, Thanks a lot

    Hare Krishna

  • Hari Bol !!!

    ISKCON Jaipur
    ISKCON Jaipur
  • hari hari bol awesome 

  • Haribol, Thank you very much . We need more like that

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji. Can I know on what site I can download your new released album '' Divine Astakam'' which I heard on Wish you happy Dipaawali. Thanks.


  • Hare Krishna maha mantra ki Jai.

  • Hare Krishna PAMHO

    I am from hyderabad i have purchesed 3 of above at goshamahal stadium on the auspicious day of Prabhupada appearence day. My daughter (2and half year old) like this very much, she always dance  when ever we play the CD(Radharani ki jay) she like this very much and we too thanks for your blessing you have given us the nector

    Thanks you very much

    please bless us Dandwat pranam _/\o_


  • Thanks Prabhu Hari bol.

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