an amazing experience with the previous acharyas!

Hare krsna!!!please accept my humble obesciences!all glories to guru and gauranga!It was the most auspicious disappearance occasion of srila jagannath das babaji maharaj ...last year...i was engaged in different spiritual activities like chanting, reading etc...then followed by puspa-anjali at our was a very blissful day and i felt very satisfied...but that night what i dreamt, was inexplicable! It was amazing! My dream that night was as follows....I was sitting in a very old cottage....ashram or kutir...situated in some interior village. It was a very simple place with mats put on the floor on which i was sitting along with some more devotees. In that room, There was a bed with shaky legs and very old...on which Srila jagannath das babaji maharaj was lying down, with his eyes closed, completely covered with a blanket up to the chest!!!!! Also there was a devotee who was living there taking care of babaji maharaj....he was fanning maharaj..! We all were sitting at the feet of maharaj, around the bed....suddenly i went closed to maharaj...and maharaj took my hand and held it tightly...still with his eyes closed...Then maharaj started toking to me...on different topics and then i requested maharaj to tell me something about himself!Maharaj smiled and started telling me about himself....and some things which vividly i remember are that....he said he lived for 145 years and even at the age of 140...he performed 1008 dandawat pranams daily to the lord! also he said that he lost his eyesight in his 80's....and that his eyelids had become soo heavy that they had to be lifted with the fingers inorder to blink!!!then maharaj said many things about srila bhaktivinoda thakur, srila gaur kishor das babaji maharaj, srila bhakti siddhanta saraswati thakur and when he was about to start toking about srila prabhupada... I was dozing off in the dream...sitting adjacent to him...with my hand titly held by at that time srila jagannath das babaji a chastising mood...left my hand and said...." ur sleeping?!!! get up! its 4 am!!"And at this moment I actually woke up from the dream!...and went to the kitchen to drink water.....and then when i looked towards the kitchen was 3.55am!!!!!!!!I was ecstatic seeing the time...getting completely purified by my association with srila jagannath das babaji maharaj in the dream! The iceing on the cake was...when i started cross checking if what i saw in the dream, was actually true or not! And when i saw, i was awestruck to find that the information about maharajs age etc was all perfect! I was very very happy!dear devotees,I tried to explain something...through words....but the true experience that i had in the dream is perhaps...once in a lifetime!!!!your insignificant servant,amarnath das
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  • haribol... u r so fortunate.. please bless us that we always remain in kc and get association...


  • E-Counselor

    I am happy to be ur student................hare krshna

  • Hari Hari bol! Truly the mercy of acharyas :) Thank you for sharing this prabhu, extremely inspiring :)
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