When I walked in the Cabbagetown area of Toronto, an Asian woman standing in front of her residence, a high-rise building, noticed me and instantly asked her question.

“What religion?”

“Hare Krishna!”

“Oh! From India!” she concluded. We chatted.

My answer was simple; there’s a lot included in those two words, “Hare Krishna.” There’s a whole culture, philosophy and way of being. Today, I came to affirm what that means in a practical way.

Madhava, Govinda, Sarthak and I headed for Niagara Falls. It would be Madhava’s first time seeing the splendour of it, but first we stopped at the beach of Port Dalhousie for the sun and the water; to take care of ourselves – the body, mind and heart. We then proceeded along the magnificent gorge till we hit the Falls. To see them puts one in awe, reverence and gratitude – traits or signs of a Hare Krishna.

Lastly, we proceeded to the juncture of the Chippewa and Niagara Rivers, to King’s Bridge Park, to gain sangha or the company of other bhakti-yogis. We ate. We sang. We talked. These are major practices of Krishna devotees. The centre of all such activities is Krishna and that’s what makes our lives somewhat distinctive. It is about the growth of the spirit, where we downplay self-centeredness – always a work in progress.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/06/sunday-june-27-2021.html

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