Hare Krishna!!!!!! AGTSP , All glories to guru and gauranga.......

Please forgive my offences if i am wrong somewhere.

Kunti maharni prays to lord Krishna 'O Lord please give me more and more troubles so that i can remember you more and more during these times of trouble'.

If we see the history of Pandavas life, we can observe that it was full of troubles.They had to go to forest for 12 years and then 1 yr agatvas, although they were pure devotees of Lord. So Lord keeps testing us how  staunch our faith is on the lord.As the devotees go on advancing on the spiritual path even tougher and tougher test will keep on coming. So one should see these troubles as stepping stones on our spiritual path rather than an obstacle.

Afterall, we are aiming for the highest thing, and how can we expect it to be simply achievable without any troubles. we can see that if we want little money  in this material world how difficult it is to earn that. And when we want KRISHNA who is the prorietor of everything all the universes, whom thousands of Laxmi are serving, do you think we can achieve him without any endeavour. Actually we can not even dream of achieving krishna on our own its only by guru and krishna's grace we can achieve krishna.

Another thing is that krishna is preparing us for the final exam of life at the time of death.when we constantly remember Krishna even amidst these chotu chotu trubles then only we will be able to remember him at the time of "Death" which is the time when our mind stops working even our body don't help us.

One more point, all these troubles are with respect to the body and we know we are not this body. So why worry.

So always be in bliss by remembering krishna everytime.


In the service of Lord and Mankind,


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