Always Krishna by Bhaktimarga Swami


Walking was meagre. Resting was maximized more than the norm. It’s Labor Day and the last day before school starts. Karuna, K. Chandra, and I wanted to do something, not necessarily laborious but meaningful; devotional. So, we drove to North York and there we met Lila Mayi, who lives but a mere 5-minute walk from Avondale Park. We sat on a madras and started chanting to the accompaniment of harmonium, kartals, tambourine and drum.

“What is that?” asked a young man pointing to the drum.

“This fibreglass drum is called a mrdanga and it resembles the original clay version, also called khol, popular in Bengal and surrounding area.

He mentioned, “I was just curious. I am a drummer. It’s a mrdanga. I’ll look it up.”

One other fellow who came to join us was from the Bronx and he knows the Krishnas well. He was asking Lila Mayi how she became interested in Krishna.

“It happened 10 years ago…”

Our day of less labour also entailed a second kirtan. We are counting the days remaining for outdoor chanting. A slight late summer chill is creeping up on us. But, whatever the weather, our devotion to Krishna is the most important thing to us. Krishna Chandra is tackling cleaning the floor. Karuna is completing his japa chanting, and I am catching up with correspondence, all to do with people in devotion; some out of devotion and some who endeavour to stay in devotion.


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