All Things Must Pass by Bhaktimarga Swami


The great pious king, Yudhistira, answered the pressing question, "What is the most wondrous thing in the world?" And here is what he said, "Everywhere, all around me, people are dying yet those of us who make this observation, feel that they will not perish. This is the greatest wonder."

Does that mean that something inside us will indeed persist through lifetimes?

I was saddened to hear that one of my leading men in my drama productions in Argentina passed away from kidney cancer. Matsya Lila, from that country left this world and he wasn't that old, was in his 40's. He has a lovely wife and equally lovely children, two of them. He was a good actor, good human being and devotee.

I'm not sure what was the cause of a weak kidney. It could be numerable reasons but, for sure, life is fragile. The best thing to do is, that for our duration, let's keep healthy in order to serve Krishna and others.

"Food, friends, family, faith" were the items I heard Regina's Mayor tell me once when I was on one of those marathon walks in regards to a decent sustenance. Those categories touched me today when having lunch at Uttama's apartment. I had my friends, my faith and food (my friends are my family). The food that was my hot item was the "in season" fiddle heads. May is the month that they come to mind. We chanted and spoke to the group of a fun and interesting past in Krishna Consciousness. We have grown over the years and in the most compelling times watched some dear spiritual family members pass on.

"All things must pass" sings George.


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